Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator

Robert, or as he is affectionately called, Bob, brings over 25 years of business experience. He is focused on business leadership development and strategic thinking. He has held many important titles across the globe and is an active Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator to many Fortune 1000 companies.

He lead 18 different start-up and turn-a-round initiatives from concept to success including billion-dollar business turn-around's with over 1600 employees and 5 major business acquisition and integration projects.

Two New York Festival Awards and one Summit Award (in Portland, Oregon) for Marketing Innovation Excellence represent just a glimpse of Bob's overwhelming business know-how.

Bob will share his outstanding vision and strategic insights in crucial areas, such as: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Business Development and General Management - which he successfully implemented in over 20 countries by merging the right attitude and mindset with extensive knowledge. He inspires people to be the best version of themselves.


Competence Call Center, Heineken, BCIT School of Business, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Carmanah Technologies, WestJet Airlines, IFD Corporation, etc.

  • Co-Founder of The Leader Within - A business leadership program designed to help forward thinking companies develop their strongest asset - their people.
  • Author of the highly acclaimed book: "It's Already Inside"
  • Passionate International Keynote Speaker
  • The CEO of GPG Technical Services, a people company which delivers communications design solutions.
  • The Chairman of The GrowthPoint Group, a collection of the finest business minds to be found.
  • Advisory Board Member for ElementFour, an innovative company that has developed technology to produce pure drinking water out of atmospheric air.
  • Executive Advisor and Strategic Facilitator to many companies.


Bob will highlight the simple way to better results through his practical leadership "matrix". Also, a premiere for Romania, he will launch his latest book "Unlocked".

  • 1. What was your first job?
    Dishwasher and Cook's assistant in a senior citizens home. I learned how to serve and that everyday, a leader has to serve not be served.
  • 2. Looking back, is there something that you would change regarding the past?
    A famous Italian racecar driver (I can not remember his name) once said, "What's behind me is not important!"
    My past and the past of everyone else on the planet was perfect for the planning that went into it. It is also the marble that we were chiseled from to get us where we are today.
    There is no better classroom than the past. The main thing though is not to dwell on the past but to continue to move forward so that today we come better than we were yesterday and... our today becomes the great lessons of tomorrow.
  • 3. What did you keep with you from that experience and what did you chose to change?
    Everything is with me. I would not be the person I am today without it. I have chosen to learn from the past so that I can replicate what worked and not repeat what did not work so well.
  • 4. What was your first business idea?
    A community newspaper when I was 10 years old.
  • 5. Who are the people that influenced your career decisions? Why?
    The list is long! Primarily though:
    • My parents because they made bold decisions that most people would not ever fathom.
    • My wife - truly, the most amazing person I have ever met. She has touched more souls than any priest I know.
    • All the leaders I have ever followed -I learned something from each of them - even the terrible ones
    • My mentors. The most influential I am sharing the stage with at this event - Kevin Heaney.
  • 6. Have you experienced a life/perspective changing situation? Can you share the context and impact with us?
    I am so incredibly blessed. I grew up with Terry Fox - his attitude was unshakable against heartbreaking odds. I had the most profound leadership lesson in my life the day a friend died in my arms. I have seen how simple everyday vision can get you to the top of one of the highest peaks in the world. I have received enlightening leadership lessons from rock stars. I have learned how to fly and what that means to everyday execution in business. I have learned that when you compromise your values, you compromise on everything. The list goes on and on. It's probably better if you read my book.
  • 7. What does "leadership" mean to you? Do you think that people can learn how to be authentic leaders or is leadership a gift that you're born with?
    Leadership is enduring. Managers come and go but leaders have ever lasting self-life. Leaders are the ones that we have, as humans, followed since the beginning. Managers monitor progress. Leaders get people to do things that they did not think they could do on their own.
    Leaders are born and made. However, both kinds of leaders need years of molding and forming to become truly effective.
  • 8. Which are your top five business values?
    a. Authenticity
    b. Honesty
    c. Respect
    d. Team
    e. Integrity - Always, without fail, doing the right thing.
  • 9. What is the one thing that can ruin or bring up a business?
    Not having vision and not aligning that vision with the core values and purpose of the organization
  • 10. Do you think that the Romanian market is at the development stage it should be?
    I still think that the Romanian market needs to understand that values are intrinsically and extrinsically linked with everything that a business does. They are not optional. From my experience in Romania, I see too many leaders that are in the game for their own gain; versus leading for the good of their organization, their people, their communities, their country - When a leader puts their own motivations ahead of this, they will not get the lasting results they are looking for which, ultimately, detrimentally impacts their personal motivations.
  • 11. In your opinion, how does the business model of the future look like?
    The business model of the future is all about leaders that are truly committed to leading by values and leaving people, their communities and the environment better than they found it.
  • 12. What are the first 3 things that you value about people?
    a. Authenticity
    b. Despite some of the poor examples we see everyday, people want to be good and do a good job - it is up to real leaders to nurture that and bring out the best in people.
    c. Caring for everyone and everything around us.
  • 13. What is a true brand?
    True brand is one that never waivers or falters when times are good, or bad. A true brand always remains on vision, on mission and delivers value that their competitors do not.
  • 14. What do you thing about the Enlightening concept?
    Enlightenment as a leader is like brushing your teeth - it needs to be done everyday.
    A leader's development is a work in progress and school is never out. Daily motivations and enlightenment is like oxygen to a leader.

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