• 1. What was your first job?

    I was 16 and I was a gym trainer in my home town, Piatra Neamt . It was not quite a full time job, I was just replacing someone, but, still, out of this work, I won my first pocket money.

  • 2. Looking back, is there something that you would change regarding the past? What did you keep from that experience and what did you chose to change?

    absolutely nothing. Everything was part of the plan:), even there were some mistakes on the way... I love mistakes and I love to say that I've learn so much from my mistakes, that I can't wait to do some other...:)))

    I always treasure the good memories and I use the bad ones for reasearch in my future projects:).

  • 3. What was your first business idea?

    I am a good business woman just on my field, I know to make a good profit just out of myself , meaning out of what I am and what I can do in my profession. Everything else I've tried it was nearly a disaster. :) I am more a writer, an artist, a dreamer than a money maker. Though, I've always made a good living out of my work in television, in advertising campaign, out of my job as a M.C or motivational speaker. So, I am a good business for me and for all my partners with whom I work. I am a brand with a high value on the market, so I might know some things about business, though...:))

  • 4. Tell us about the people who influenced your career decisions and how/why.

    I have that type of open mind and very wide open eyes, so I've always looked around for inspiration at talented and successful people, both from the past or from modern times. I was lucky to meet a lot of extraordinary persons, from famous actors and artists, to great champions, Nobel prize winners or simply heroes. I've been to the Oscars and Cannes Film Festival, but also in Irak and Afghanistan, in the war zone. I've interviewed Sebastien Loeb, but also Dan Brown or Benjamin Netanyahu, Robert de Niro or Hannes Arch, simply soldiers or Edmund Phelps (a Nobel prize winner) etc... I like to read biographies of legendary figures and I love to be close to anyone who is the best on his field, because there you can find some secrets about success, about glory or just about loving life, by all meanings.

  • 5. Have you experienced a life/perspective changing situation? Please share the context and impact?

    I've lost my Dad, recently and that was something extremely painful . I still don't believe that I will never see him again....., always smiling and having just good words for everyone of us....

  • 6. What does "leadership" mean to you? Do you think that people can learn how to be authentic leaders, or is leadership a gift that you are born with?

    Just the talent can be genetic, I guess. Everything else is work and determination and a lot of other "spices" - and you have to learn how to use them. Leadership is the best way to prove your capabilities and to go in the direction of your dreams. Leadership has also a lot to do with giving, not only achieving. You have to learn how to share not only your strong opinions, as a leader, but also your feelings and your visions .

  • 7. Which are your top five business values?

    Because I am my main business, I know, for sure, that transparency, honesty, hard work, trust and team work are among the best investments you can make in order to succeed , in any business. Immediately after that I will put in this patchwork the originality, the power to see what other did not pay attention to, as you do. I believe also in a kind of winning-mix of business and pleasure - you have to do what you really like and try to be the best exactly in the field you feel the most secure and well charged for. And you do not have to always wear a suit or a deux-pieces in order to be considered a serious person, you can take great decision in jeans or in the bathing suit, if need it:))).

  • 8. What is the one thing that can ruin or bring up a business?

    The missing of a good business plan, together with a bad mood. That's a grenade which will explode, eventually. On the other hand, to bring up a business... has to be"married" with the idea of radical change . Murphy was right - when everything goes wrong, do not worry, it will get worse. So, cut, destroy and recreate it, if you have the right balls:))). No balls, no game - it's written on Hannes Arch plane:))).

  • 9. How would you describe the European business landscape (pros and cons)?
    How about the Romanian market, any predictions for the following years?

    I think the good part in Europe is about being traditional , for a long period of time that was the name of the game based on known consumer habits and predictable rules and laws . Today the downside has several points - unemployement , many unstable countries from the macro- economic point of view ( Greece , Portugal , Cyprus , Spain and even Italy and France ) and worse then all , the high potential risk derivated from the Russian/ Ukrainian conflict, that may degenerate any moment with tremendous impact on aspects of life of Europeans .

    Romanian market may and will gain from different perspectives . The ofshore companies will be history worlwide , the banks are charging negative interest on existing accounts and are willing to finance new projects with competitive rates , the oportunities in U.S are expensive, so, from all the above reasons, private and corporate investors will seek new markets - Romania is on the short list, due to 16 % income tax for companies ( low, compared to other countries) - the succesfull national campaign agains coruption and last but not least , November elections will bring a new wave of young ambitious politicians that will aim to offer something good to the people , better results, compared to their predecesors . The Chineese investments in huge local infrastructure projects will also boost the economy, probably same will the new NATO army base... . Romania has a great chance, I guess...

  • 10. How does the business model of the future look like?

    My guess (and this is not an original one) is the internet and the technology will give us a lot of hard and good time, depends on who is in or out.Then, we all have to eat, drink water and at least coffee, move from a place to another, live in some houses, breath some good air and use some medication or different kind of services. Everything else it's not so vital, but still can survive in the business world. The future looks to me more eco friendly , with more activity around the green energy and lots of IT inovations and applications , ready to ease our lives , more work will be done from home and less weekly hours per person. I hate robots, but we might have to drink a beer with them, at some point...:)))

  • 11. What are the first three things you value about people?

    A good mood (positive thinking) , generosity and talent in what he or she is doing, no matter what kind.

  • 12. What is a true brand?

    The one who get's old enough to be wanted by all the young people:))). Just joking, but there is a key under, at least for me.... Also, a good brand is something that can last more then your marriage:))) and it has to be that thing you really fight for in court:))). I can't answer more serious, a true brand it's a very personal thing, I don't think there is a perfect brand, but perfect consumers for certain brands...

  • 13. Can brands have "hearts"?

    A Birkin (Hermes) bag, for example, has a heart, other wise I can't imagine why so many women can not live without it.:))) It's their heart transplant to be happy, you see ?:)))

  • 14. What do you thing about the Enlightening leadership conference concept?

    We all have to learn, constantly and this is a great opportunity to be connected exactly with those who are writing the business history. And there are always some blank pages left for each one of was, if we dare. So, don't dream it, be it ... and be there !

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