Managing Director of 3M Romania

Catalin Velescu has a background in Physics Technology-Engineering from the University of Bucharest and an EMBA in Business Administration – ASEBUS / University of Washington, Seattle.

Catalin has started his career at 3M in 1996 and held a number of business assignments with increased responsibility within the Electrical Markets Division of the local subsidiary. Since 2005 has held business management positions such as Business Development Manager for the Communication Markets Division, Central East Europe and later assignment as Business Development Manager Electronic Solutions Division for EMEA region.

As of May 1st 2011 Catalin has been appointed Managing Director 3M Romania.

Besides his responsibilities as Managing Director, Catalin has participated actively in various committees/projects aiming to enter various accounts and/or market segments.

  • HEPTech & CERN la IFIN - HH Magurele (guest speaker)
  • AmCham CEO Roundtables
  • "Creativitate si Inovare", in partnership with RBLS (guest speaker)

Areas of interest

ICT, Energy, PPP(Infrastructure), Education
  • 1. What was your first job?
    Engineer for industrial testing equipments
  • 2. Looking back, is there something that you would change regarding the past?
    Regarding the past? Can’t change the past, why bother ? Time spent following projects in difficult segments/industries ie cash starving, almost bankrupt, etc, now I believe the time and effort spent could have been more productive in other areas.
  • 3. What did you keep with you from that experience and what did you chose to change?
    Work hard, build good reputation and execute the plan = a winning formula
  • 4. What was your first business idea?
    Turn Key projects in EPA (electrostatic discharge area) for CEM’s (contract electronic manufacturers)
  • 5. Who are the people that influenced your career decisions? Why?
    My father: people need to trust you before they can follow
    My first manager (was also my former university professor); learned that aging should not reduce energy and passion
    My first foreign manager: discipline and ethics
  • 6. Have you experienced a life/perspective changing situation? Can you share with us the context, impact and implications?
    When moving into international organization had a dramatic change in job content but most of all the “revelation” Romanians are not bad at all, on the contrary.
  • 7. What “leadership” means to you? Do you think that people can learn how to be authentic leaders or is leadership a gift that you’re born with?
    I think is a combination of the two: you need to be born with the skill, no doubt, people without any “sign’ of this should not try. But this is not enough to lead, a good leader has to learn daily, from situations, challenges, success, mistakes, working with people. And to some extent read some books about leadership, it helps to broaden knowledge , clarifies some white spaces.
  • 8. Which are your top five business values?
    Competitive advantage is a must (get innovative or buy innovation)
    Follow the customer and money (understand the industry)
    Build a strong strategic plan and execute
    Build a focused organization and reward Ethics
  • 9. What is the one thing that can ruin or bring up a business?
    Many examples Customer service; Business innovation; Trust
  • 10. Do you think that Romanian market is at the development stage is should be?
    It is at the level we deserve it to be. Is it at the level it should be? Absolutely not.
    The human potential is still high yet we fail to maximize it.
  • 11. In your opinion, how does the business model of the future look like?
    This depends by segment, industry, human capital, etc
    Most important is build a model around competitive advantage and market opportunity. Market changes in time, look at social media companies, those did not exist 10 years ago, yet some rank among largest in the world.
  • 12. What are the first 3 things that you value about people?
  • 13. What is a true brand?
    A true brand is the one can communicate a story to many much more people than it has initially planned
  • 14. What do you thing about the Enlightening concept?
    A good initiative, should help us all get enlightened
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