Enlightening 2.0
Business Symphony - October 25th 2012

Robert Murray

EVP, North America for Faronics Corporation

"I love speaking at Expo Media's 'Enlightening Leadership' events! The audience that the event attracts is full of Romania's brightest young leadership minds and the speakers are all first rate. In my opinion, there is not a better leadership event held in Europe than the Enlightening Leadership event!"

Alexandra Iorgulescu

Copywriter, Jazz Communication

"It was a truly enlightening experience! I've learnt valuable information that helps me not only professionally, but also in my day-to-day life. Strategy and leadership are applicable in everything we do, so I started following the speakers' advice the very moment I walked out of the event. Thank you for this great opportunity and I'm looking forward for your future events!"

Cristiana Lupu

ECEMEA-N Regional Manager, Oracle

"In an environment where the operational whirlwind is too much to take at times, having the privilege to participate in a conference such as Enlightening is uplifting. There are those that feel that such events are just pretty talk and there are those that actually resonate to the ideas that are spread. I belong to the latter category and, to me, being part of the event was inspiring and insightful. From Teodora’s nonchalant and moving presentation to Robert’s ambitious speech to Miha’s authentic approach, I was captured. Andreea has made a perfect intermezzo between the moments and her Zen approach has been very relaxing. Overall, an event to remember that I am sure had commitment and a lot of passion behind it. Thank you!"

Carmen Boer

Brand Manager Nutriday, Danone

"t was an inspiring experience and the interesting thing is it was on so many different levels. The combination between business, leadership, inspiration, motivation and not the last, music, created a truly authentic event which is hard to forget. It gave me energy and things to think about. Thank you also for the after event, which was the perfect ending to a beautiful day!"

Cristian Berdila

Operations Manager, CGS Romania

"Great speakers with tremendous experience and innovative perspectives. An inspiring event through its diversity and unique approach. The Enlightening concept continues to deliver at high standards and I look forward to the 2013 event"

Catalin Vasile

Head of Sales Management, ING Bank Romania

"I’m more than happy (and is not an easy to use word when we talk about conferences) for being able to participate to Enlightening 2.0. Of course it comes with the sorrow of missing the first edition. It was inspiring, motivating, changing or enriching perspectives and a great networking opportunity. Excellent speakers, great presentations and lots of things to think through and to take back in my daily activity."

Luiza Balan

Risk Manager, Patria Credit

"It was different, it was the best way to approach a seminar about leadership, through art. Although at the beginning I thought it is unusual to link business to art, in the end I understood that it is normal to be this way: leadership and art have the same central points: people and emotions. As a leader you have to make the others to follow your ideas without telling them to do so. It must be natural, as one of the speakers said “ The success of a leader is measured through the time that people want to spend with him"

Delia Soare

Director Consumer Markets-COPS, Vodafone Romania

"In October, I have attended for the first time, one of the Enlightening business events, encouraged by my colleagues who had the privilege to be inspired by some bold and visionary people in the last years. I was expecting an unusual inspirational conference, but I didn’t imagine for a second how this “unusual” would look like. The event was a metaphor, sometimes so abstract, that I had to make an effort to drop my old patterns and change the perspective in order to reach the essence. It was not only a proof of pure simplicity but also a reconfirmation of my belief that we can learn authentic leadership lessons in everything that surrounds us, as long as we are willing to see and search."

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