Who is Madalina? Simply stated, she is a people person in the genuine meaning of the word, a person who vibrates with energy and determination. Madalina knows how to listen and motivate the people around her, managing to naturally stimulate ambition and performance. She has the gift of inspiring and forming authentic and well balanced teams.

With over 11 years of management and coordination experience, she was a dedicated member of the Vodafone team starting with 2001, reinventing the limits of Customer Service. She was also part of International Conference Center and Interexpo.

In 2004, Madalina started a new challenge, on the entrepreneurship road, by establishing Expo Media, a local marketing and communication agency. One year later, she launched the first publication concerning the Romanian call center community, Contact Center Magazine. Both business projects rapidly attracted partnerships and important clients from the national and international market, giving birth to real industry trends regarding local business events and marketing tools.

Madalina is also a dynamic partner, along with Oana Balteanu, at Customer Service School, an unconventional consultancy company, which focuses on customer centricity and boosts up the potential of businesses, according to the profiled market's pulse and trends.

For Madalina, Enlightening is a creation of imagination, passion and ambition, these being the values which stand behind the business2greatness concept. She brings forward inspiring leaders and ideas, with the involvement of an enlightened professional team.

Madalina Vilau, Expo Media – The pioneer, the explorer, the challenger

Marcela has over 15 years of experience in strategic and operational management, and an excellent customer sense, which is based on both theoretical training and on her attitude and professional background. Marcela’s input always brings added value to our clients.

Ileana brings extra passion and competence to the Enlightening team, with more than 15 years of experience in management, marketing and sales, business processes and product management, customer service and training.

Laura is a reliable team player, with over 13 years of professional experience in multiple activity areas. She is an open and thorough person, who is passionate by the BTL division, in which she defined high success standards, aspiring to always exceed customers’ expectations.

To us, Oana is a strategist of words and images, with over 8 years of strategy and brand communication know-how.

Along her career, she coordinated multiple marketing & communication projects, from publishing, public relations, copywriting to integrated communication campaigns.

With over 7 years of public relations experience, Alexandra was involved in various successful communication, customer care and volunteering projects. Alexandra is a very dynamic, dedicated and creative person, which brings color and valuable ideas to our team. She is very passionate about social networks.

With more than 10 years of experience in reporting and workforce management processes, and a solid multinational experience, Cristina is a highly skilled professional and a great team player. She combines her intuitive skills with her analytical background, leading to outstanding results, all that with a smiling and charming presence.

Alina has over 11 years of customer service experience and has developed an extra-sense regarding client behavior. She is an impeccable professional with multinational standpoint and techniques, and a persuasive trainer. Her impressive background in working with people makes her a devoted and passionate team player.

Marius is a breath of fresh air for the Enlightening team. With more than 12 years of experience in marketing communication (design, web strategy, creative solutions etc.), he can bring any business concept to life, by using the most inspired, strategic tools. Marius is the voice, feel and touch of many successful brands.

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