Andreea Ionescu

Managing Partner, ConsultWare

"When Expo Media proposed me to facilitate the Enlightening leadership conference, I was surprised. On the chart, big names – some of them being my ex-bosses, others – clients or people that I have been admiring silently for a long time. And, although on my office wall lays a facilitator black belt (it really exists :D), I thought that this proposal requires a big commitment. A Big One. Because it was the first time when I was seeing such an approach in Romania.
I've been around management for many years, twenty to be exact. I read every international bestseller, I learned something every year... what could a conference bring me? Especially if I had to stay focused on the process itself. Here is what Enlightening brought me:

• The enthusiasm that I, somehow, lost a little on the way. By watching the people that spoke passionately, I remembered that if you like what you do, you can’t not enjoy it. Naturally, if there is passion you get both heaven and hell, but, I think, more of heaven. And then, who needs only flat grey?

• I remembered that leadership starts from you. From me. From us, those who lead teams or firms, or those who help others lead better.

• The human side of the leader is often forgotten. The emotions that you have every time that you speak in public. The regrets for rough decisions that you had to make, because that's the game, for those around you that left. The immense joy that you have not so much when you succeed in a project or transaction, but when people that you worked with call you after years to wish you "happy birthday" or to ask how you’re doing

• The strictness of the strategic process and the sharpness of the emotional intelligence that you have to keep and polish daily: those are your samurai swords when you’re leading an organization.

This is way, I believe that Enlightening must have a "to be continued", and between this moment and that "to be continued" I think that there must be something to bind. That is why, I promise to talk to the organizers and see if we can build up the idea.

Good Holidays everyone! Put into practice your ideas, plans, dreams in 2012. It will be an extraordinary year."

Alexandra Iorgulescu

Copywriter, Hippos

"It was a truly enlightening experience! I've learnt valuable information that helps me not only professionally, but also in my day-to-day life. Strategy and leadership are applicable in everything we do, so I started following the speakers' advice the very moment I walked out of the event. Thank you for this great opportunity and I'm looking forward for your future events!"

Carmen Boer

Brand Manager Nutriday, Danone

"At Enlightening I had the chance to listen to some great speakers that impressed me with their openness, showed to the audience, and their commitment to follow what they believed in. For me, Robert Murray was incredible, he kept my attention all through his speech, being an example of how to succeed in delivering your message, in a very engaging way."

Andrei Tudose

Managing Partner, Smart Control

"I enjoyed this event. The speakers were inspiring and the time spent for networking was very productive. I think you should continue with this kind of events and raise your loyal participants number. As Kevin Heaney was saying, we are all ready to pay for the product we like. You probably remember when he asked who from the audience is driving the cheapest car in the market... nobody, because each one was already paying extra for the favorite brand :-)."

Laurentiu Ciufu

Incentive Solutions Sales Representative, Sodexo

"If I could describe the "enlightening" feeling, it would be comparable to a warm rain in hot summer day. All the speeches had the gift of cleaning the "path" and "lighting" the way for a clear vision, by bringing innovation, strategy and all the right ingredients for leadership. A very self-motivating event."

Adina Rotileanu

Marketing & PR Manager, Eureko Romania

"I have been impressed by the great experiences and knowledge shared in this conference. It's been interesting to learn lessons from proven track record business leaders. If only few of them were applied at global level, probably the economic crises wouldn't have happened. Indeed enlightening and unique."

Mihaela Apostoleanu

GRSC Business Operations Director, Oracle

"Great speakers, great content, smart ideas! It is a privilege to learn from those who inspired your career! Another smart idea was the mix of local leaders and foreigners. Indeed Enlightening. Looking forward to the next event!"

Oana Nedelcu

Customer Satisfaction Manager, Toyota Romania

"I am very glad that I participated to such an inspirational and motivating seminar. I enjoyed the guests, real leaders with great experience, who inspired me and provided valuable insights, both for my professional and personal life. In some circumstances, by attending to this event, it became easier for me to reach the "light from the end of the tunnel". Thank you for this chance and waiting for the next ones."

Elena Ungurean

Marketing Service Model Associate, UniCredit Tiriac Bank

"I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate at this conference. All speakers had a real impact on me, I loved the way they passed the main ideas of the conference and how these ideas can be applied in business and everyday life. From now on,I know the difference between management and leadearship!!!"

Andreea Negrea

Customer Relations Manager, Competence Call Center

"In a world full of apocalyptic prognosis about the crisis and Nostradamic predictions about what the future brings, Expo Media managed to bring us in a realistic and optimistic position. How? By challenging us to be part of a special event with extraordinary people: the Enlightening conference. I felt like I was given a second chance: to learn, to grow, to touch, to talk and to feel together with REAL people who lived the business , who lead the change in their times , who influenced their teams and created an entire culture around companies, brands, products etc.
Only a full hearted team with the right spirit can create such great events! Congratulations from all my heart and looking forward to the next Enlightening events!"

Carmen Voican

People and Organization Development Consultant, HR Nouveau

"Bringing together great people, speakers with extensive business know-how and exposure, the Business Class Vision event, part of the Enlightening concept, provided us the opportunity to talk about who we are and what we do as leaders, by giving a valuable boost that brought us to the basic leadership principles in order to deal with critical challenges.

From my perspective, the Enlightening events can be considered among the best Romanian business events.
The outstanding outline, the professionalism down to the smallest details, and the persistent focus on creating the proper context for each participant to share experience and expand usual network area are the ingredients that made the difference. I'm looking forward to attending the next Enlightening event because this is the ideal occasion for expressing oneself and one's aims, for information sharing, and for personal development also. I would like to wish many happy returns to Madalina Vilau and her team, for the great experience they've created, for being the inspirational catalyst that spread positive energy and for their orientation toward social welfare.

Don't miss the next Enlightening events! I'll be there for sure! "

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